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Kawaii Box — International Giveaway ♥

Hello dear friends! This time Kawaii Group sent me one Kawaii Box. I previously made a review of my Japan Candy Box months back, and now I'll show you what my adorably Kawaii Box offers me this time. Giveaway at the end of the post.

Let me fill you with a short background of Kawaii Group: This company provides different monthly subscriptions for the people who love kawaii stuff. They offer the Japan Candy Box (look at my review here), Blippo (kawaii products), Kawaii Distribution (if you want to start a business) and Kawaii Box, which is the one I'm showing next.

So many bloggers and people I know always show their subscription boxes and I fall in love with the stuff there're inside. Finally got mine! You can get a box for only $19.80, or subscribe to different monthly plans, as this chart below:

Believe me, the cost of the box is worth every product it contains. The most adorable and original kawaii products are inside! They work with companies like Pokémon, Sanrio, San-x, etc. So you are sure your products are originals.

Let's start now with the fun part!

1 — Pokémon Ramune Candy
What?! There are also candies in my kawaii box?! Hell yeah! From a fan of Japan Candy Box, best of both worlds for sure! This pokémon candies are so yummy! If you love bittersweet flavored candy, you will love these.

2 — Rabi-Dango Plush
When I saw this cutie I literally screamed. I'm a big fan of bunnies! I own a cutie bunny called Pommy (instagram here) so this is a perfect complement in my bedroom as Pommy's neighbour :3 So soft and a really cute color, I have seen another color versions, and I LOVED this one so much.

3 — "I Love You" Purse
This korean purse is everything you need in your kawaii bag. The design is soo cute! Also it comes in more color variations and I got the blue one randomly, which I adore <3 The material feels resistant and soft, cool!

4 — Pastel Cupcake Pen

Moments before opening the box, I was looking for a damn pen to write a note. When I first saw the pen I though some miracle happened, because not only I got the pen, but a KAWAII pen. Perfect for school or work, you gotta be kawaii everywhere!

5 — Happy Day Notebook Set

There's nothing I love more than stationaryyyy, I don't want to open this, it's tooo cute *cries in spanish* Seriously, I needed all of this things, desperately. And I didn't even know I needed them.

6 — Kracie Nyokiyoki Kororon DIY Candy Kit

This DIY candy is everything. I asked my little sister for help and the result was kind of pleasant. Looking how the candy worms emerge from the bottom, like WTF JAPAN, at the same time it was so entertaining and fun. The flavors were grape, orange and melon, sooo sweet.

7 — Invisible Secret Pen Set

How is it possible that my younger sister knew about this magical pen and I didn't? Like who's the kawaii and magical one? Lol I tried the magical pen and I was so amazed *o* I can now send secret messages to my boyfriend in public spaces <3 *giggles*

8 — Harajuku Hair Loop Set

I'm not so into ponytails or haistyles that involve loops, but I need to try new looks to wear them, like, look at them! So colorful, this goes super with a harajuku kawaii outfit, don't you think?

9 — Diamond Deco Stickers

Dilemma over here, use them or not? When I buy this diamond stickers I always end up not using them because they are so cute and never find the right place to stick them. Can you recommend me somewhere to stick this beautiful diamond stickers? (Not the iphone case tho!)

10 — Dream and Explore Notebook

ANOTHER NOTEBOOK? YES! I was particularly surprised about this notebook. Its design doesn't scream kawaii but is somehow cute and deep. I love this kind of surprises, I definitely see myself using this notebook at very particular places.

11 — Sweet Animals Sparkle Stickers

MORE BUNNIES! Aaand same problem as #9 product, but this time much much MUCH worse... I feel like those H&H hoarding shows lmao, acumulating stickers because I can't find the right place, because they will turn ugly with the time and I want to keep them as beautiful as they are *u* They are so unique because not only they're sparkly but have tiny beads like inside, how kawaii is that?

These are all the items in my Kawaii Box! Now you know, get all these and other assorted kawaii items for only $19.80 1 or 3 month plan, $18.80 for 6 month plan or $17.90 for a whole year plan. It's totally worth it, if you love surprises and kawaii stuff, this subscription is for you, you can see the options and susbcribe now by clicking here <3

Also the moment everyone was waiting for: GIVEAWAY TIME! Win this same Kawaii Box! Sign in with your facebook account or email and fill all the options for extra entries. Winner will be picked randomly on December 1st. Good luck everyone!

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What item was your favorite? Share it down in the comment section! I think mine was definitely the magical pen and the sparkly animal stickers! So cool! Thanks for reading! Bye bye ♥♥


Guess the Pokébutt! — Part 1

Hi there! Here is a cute game called "Guess the Pokébutt!" Yes, it's literally about guessing which is the pokémon showing its butt —oops— I think it's funny and cute! Also so easy but I hope creating more challenging ones!

Here are the first five, write them down in the comments! Good luck!

1 —

2 —

3 —

4 —

5 —

So easy right?! Did you like this game? :D Write me your suggestions on the comments section!

My weekend at Animex 2016

Hello! This past weekend was so long and tired, but also so cool. Animex is an anime/comic/videogame convention that last a whole weekend in Monterrey, México. I met so many great people and was so fun to see a lot of friends passing by my booth. It is my first convention ever and I gotta say it was extremely tired but I would do it again. (Hopefully in November!)

I shared table with my amazing friend El Chico Tabla, he is a great illustrator, you have to check him out! www.facebook.com/elchicotabla <-- I was so nervous this time because I felt I didn't have enough merch for three days, but I was glad everything went perfect. I share to you some pics:

[ESP] Hola! Este pasado fin de semana fue muy largo y cansado, pero también muy cool. Animex es una convención de anime, comics y videojuegos que se realiza todo un fin de semana una vez al año en Monterrey, México. Conocí a muchas personas muy bonitas y vi a viejos amigos pasar a mi stand, fue muy divertido. Esta fue mi primer convención y debo decir que fue extremadamente cansado, pero lo volvería a hacer. (Espero en noviembre!)

Compartí mesa con un gran amigo El Chico Tabla, el es un ilustrador muy talentoso, debes conocer su trabajo: www.facebook.com/elchicotabla <-- Estaba muy nerviosa porque sentía que no tenía material suficiente para los tres días, pero para mi suerte todo resultó perfecto. Te comparto algunas imágenes:

Here is a picture of him and me! I met a lot of awesome independent illustrators and I hope to see them again in november :)

Thank you for reading and please support your local artists and brands <3

[ESP] Esta es una foto de El Chico Tabla y yo! Conocí muchos ilustradores independientes muy talentosos y espero verlos de nuevo en noviembre :)

Gracias por leerme y porfavor apoya los artistas de tu localidad y marcas pequeñas <3

Japan Candy Box Review and Giveaway!

Sailor Mars Kawaii Tutorial

How's your weekend going? Hope it's great! 

Today I come up with a new entry for those who want to learn to illustrate with Adobe Illustrator, specially Kawaii Art and Chibi versions.

My experience with Karla Souza + FanArt

Hello guys! Today I had the most amazing day with Karla Souza! I'm still so excited about what happened and I want to share it to you.

90's Barbie Stuff

Hello dear friends! Long time since the last update! My commission agenda was full and I finally got time to breathe a little. So tonight I come with an entry that I personally enjoyed so much writing about. My childhood was full of pinky plastic stuff and I want to share to you the Barbie stuff I owned in the 90's and early 2000's.

*Pictures are not mine.

Creamy Monthly Planners

Hello Everyone!

I hope you're having a great week.
Today I come with Monthly Planners, what are these?

I've been so busy lately with so much work that I usually get to be a little distracted and tend to forget stuff to do. So I remembered that I created these monthly planners a while back to reorganize my life and work and it is so wonderful! For people as distracted as me, this will work for sure.

Sticky Friends Collection

New collection!

This time I come with three designs, but why "Sticky Friends"?

Girl Power!

All this years we have seen a variety of characters in Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Fox Kids that promote the girly power in diverse personalities.

Fun wallpapers for your phone ♥

Yaay wallpapers!

Many of you have already used them, but for the new followers, here is a gift just for you ♥ Thanks for all your support.

First Creamy Illustrations

Hello there!

How is your week so far? I hope it is great ♥

Today I'm going to show you some of my very first illustrations, old color palette and why I came up with these ideas. First of all, for the ones that don't know me, I'm obsessed with glittery girly stuff and of course, the 90's, the decade in which I lived mostly of my childhood.

Plastic Obsession Illustration Series

Hello everyone!

Long time since the last entry! I was so sick for two weeks and coulnd't find the time to work on these illustrations, but finally here they are.

I created these illustration series because I was (and still am) obsessed with all plastic glittery stuff from the magical 90's, so I made 6 illustrations that represents some of the best 90's plastic objects so we can all remember how wonderful they were and how much we played with some of them as kids.

My Childhood

Early 90's

I was born in 1994, which means I lived 6 wonderful years in the 90's and also could play with toys from the 80's.  I had a beautiful childhood surrounded with cute toys, funny cartoons/tv shows and friendship memories. In this post I will show you some toys that influenced me strongly to finally be who I am today. Lets start!




I finally decided to open a blog to post all things that inspire me and write experiences from my childhood that I'm sure a lot of you will identify with me.
All posts are going to be related to plastic, glitter, 90's, 80's, pastels, neons, kawaii stuff and of course, my art and my future proyects.

You can see different sections on the menu bar, in About section you can see what Creamy is about.

Collaborations is the section where we can team up in any proyect with mutual benefits.

Then there is Commissions, want me to create an art for your friend as a gift? Or a new branding for your business? There you can see the info.

Also we have Happy Customers, in where I will be posting pictures you guys send me wearing your Creamy tees or pins.

Finally there's the Shop section, I made a store at storenvy but it is currently closed and under construction.

Many sections are under construction as well (Some only have a few images or info) but I will be working on that this week, so don´t forget to enter the blog to be updated!