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Plastic Obsession Illustration Series


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I finally decided to open a blog to post all things that inspire me and write experiences from my childhood that I'm sure a lot of you will identify with me.
All posts are going to be related to plastic, glitter, 90's, 80's, pastels, neons, kawaii stuff and of course, my art and my future proyects.

You can see different sections on the menu bar, in About section you can see what Creamy is about.

Collaborations is the section where we can team up in any proyect with mutual benefits.

Then there is Commissions, want me to create an art for your friend as a gift? Or a new branding for your business? There you can see the info.

Also we have Happy Customers, in where I will be posting pictures you guys send me wearing your Creamy tees or pins.

Finally there's the Shop section, I made a store at storenvy but it is currently closed and under construction.

Many sections are under construction as well (Some only have a few images or info) but I will be working on that this week, so don´t forget to enter the blog to be updated!

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