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Fun wallpapers for your phone ♥

7:28:00 PM Creamy Pop 3 Comments

Yaay wallpapers!

Many of you have already used them, but for the new followers, here is a gift just for you ♥ Thanks for all your support.

1- Oh My Dior collaboration:
The next three wallpapers were made in collaboration with beautiful Pauline from Oh my Dior (www.ohmydior.org)

2- Where are the Furby lovers?! (first two with old Creamy colors)

3- What about decorating your phone block screen with this one of Cynthia?

4- My all time favorite (currently on my iphone) my baby Payasito!  (First two with old Creamy colors)

4- What can be better than food and sweets? NOTHING! here is a foodie wallpaper:

4- And for Creamy fans:

More wallpapers soon! Any suggestions? Comment down below <3


  1. It would be nice Luna from Sailor Moon wallpaper :)

    1. Noted! <3 Thanks for your suggestion!

  2. hey a cardcaptors wallpaper would be cool