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February 23, 2018

Modes4U Surprise! | Review + Video Unboxing

Cindy Pop

Hi dreamers! How is your week going? I'm so happy because I received a super kawaii package from Modes4U, a Hong Kong based shop which sells all kawaii products, from bentos, squishies, plushies, to bags and beautiful fabrics from different japanese brands.

Two months ago they contacted me if I would like to do a review of their products and I -of course- accepted! I've been loving this brand for years and I was really honored to do it. They sell official products from popular japanese brands like Sanrio, San-x, Re-ment, Timeless Treasures and lots more. And wanna know what's the best? They offer the best shipping price with tracking number and the package gets to you so fast!

Do you want to know what I got? Keep scrolling!

1- Korilakkuma plushie 
When I saw this I instantly cried of joy, you don't know how much I love this character, this is the female white bear who is always with Rilakkuma, the brown bear. How cute is she? I can't stop touching her, it's so sooft. Get it here: Look how many kawaii products they have from Rilakkuma and friends here:

2- Gudetama Squishy
I've been a fan of squishies thanks to my daily stress, these little thingies help me get chill in the most kawaii way, but this is squishy is not like the others, this squishy is GUDETAMA, one of my favorite Sanrio characters, I can relate so much to this little egg. *sigh* You can get it here: Look how many squishies they have!:

3- Korilkkuma Memo Eraser Pad Book
I extremely love stationary, but also hate it because I can never find the right moment to use them, they are so perfect. This cute strawberry-ish Korilakkuma note pads in different designs made me cry, they are so beautiful, I have the urge to write on them! And look at those tiny erasers! Get it here: See more Stationary:

4- Pink Base Lucky Cat
You know when I see a maneki neko I always have mini heart attacks because it's like they are saying hello to you all the time and it's so cute I can't even, but when I received this one which is a while kitty with a pink base I died, just kidding I'm alive and enjoying this little friend, perfect for my work area! And is also sun powered so you don't need batteries! How cool right?! Get it here:

Those were all the products in the package! I also did an unboxing video, it's in spanish but added english subtitles.

Thank you so much Modes4U for this amazing products, you make so many people happy with your amazing prices! Don't forget to check them out , I know you will want to get everything from there! Good luck haha!

Thank you for reading me dreamers! Love you so much <3 What is your favorite product?

Cindy Pop / Author & Editor

Founder of Creamy Pop. Kawaii Illustrator and pastels lover.

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