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Plastic Obsession Illustration Series


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 If you are here means that you're interested or ever wondered how is it working with Creamy.
Creamy can design your blog, website, shop, brand, or can even draw a kawaii form of  yourself!
From branding to illustration: Logo, background, header, character, iconography, etc. everything is possible but first of all, Creamy only works with people or brands that match with its personality:
  • Kawaii Audience
  • Sophistication
  • Geometric Art
  • 90/80’s Pop Culture
If you match with all of these characteristics, Creamy can work with you!


 Before reaching a result, it is necessary to investigate the brand’s identity, so the graphic behavior can look alike.

A small brief will be sent to know more of your brand's personality, this will help us focus and achieve the best solution possible.


 Please, send a mail to: creamymx@gmail.com with your full name, brand's name, website (if already have one), graphic necessity (what you want for your brand),  and a little bio about the brand and what is it about. After that I will send you a quote, if you are into it, we start!
 The estimate time for every proyect is different.

Any comments or doubts don't hesisate and ask me!


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