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Happy Clients

Cindy Pop
For me it's always a pleasure to create kawaii illustrations for your project, it can be from fictional characters, your pets, to even yourself and your couple. Feel free to contact me for any inquiry to

Here are just a few of works I've done this year so far.

Save the Date card for a magical wedding in California.

Fanart done for Karla Souza, mexican actress.

Fanart done for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, japanese singer and model.

Illustration made for a good friend Pato Lagarda, fashion designer and blogger.

Illustration made for my lovely friend Mitzi with his boyfriend and cat, celebrating their first anniversary.

Tattoo design made for Val of her lovely Chihuahua Marley.

Illustration made for Chrissa Sparkles of her cute kitty Dottie.

Character and logo design for Jelly Berry, an online shop from Chiapas, Mexico.

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