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Official Characters

Cindy Pop

Payasito is my very first character, I have a very deep feeling towards him and when I realized people were liking him too I was so surprised and happy because that meant Payasito could make people feel. Who is Payasito? This Creamy's original character is the saddest clown you'll ever met. He was abandoned by his parents in the woods when he was only a baby. He grew up in the streets where he found his best friend: a kind and old man who passed away months after they met. He was lonely again. Until he found his passion: Be a clown and make kids laugh in the nearest circus. He got the job, but was a total mess, he wasn't funny at all and made all the kids cry. He was splashed in tomatoes and then fired. He is in love with Tutsy, but he is too shy to tell her his feelings.

 is a cute and dreamy bunny, loves to chew bubblegum and thinks she lives in the 80's. She is obsessed with lipsticks even tho she doesn't even know how to use them. Everyone is in Creamyland is in love with her, but she only has eyes for Dandy.

The newest main character is called Lippy Star, a kawaii teddy bear who loves to sing. He's Payasito's bff  They used to work together in the circus back in the day, but unlike Payasito, Lippy had a tremendous success and toured all over the world with his pop songs.

Just as these three friends below, Creamy has a whole family full of different characters and each of one of them has their own story:

From left to right: Cutie Twin #1, Dandy, Pappa-Pirate, Tutsy, Dott, Payasito, Lippy, Pansy and Cutie Twin #2.

Cutie Twins are a pair of playful unicorn cats who discovered a bag full of makeup and have a ton of adventured with it.
Dandy is a very classy racoon who loves to read along the chimney.
Pappa-Pirate also joined the family recently. He is part of the LGBTQ+ community and proud of it.
Pansy is a dramatic cry baby rabbit cousin of Tutsy, she is secretly in love with Payasito.

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