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✨ A Trip To Harajuku ✨

"Full boarding. Fasten your seatbelt. Enjoy your ride!" - Tomoko Kawase

Hello everyone! Let's take Tommy Airline to travel to Harajuku Station and walk on Takeshita Street in our best outfit. Today we will enter the wonderful world of fashion in Japan, where its local creatives have created hundreds of urban styles that are very worth knowing. Are you ready? 🇯🇵

Before Landing, What Is Harajuku?

Harajuku is a station located between Shibuya and Shinjuku, in the center of Tokyo that over the years has become one of the most popular tourist spots in all of Japan, becoming the cradle of globally recognized kawaii fashion.

In this place you will find different styles of fashion, from the most tender to the most gothic and extreme, because the creativity of the Japanese has no limits. And not only will your eyes be delighted with the outfits of the locals, but there are different restaurants and shops with a lot of personality whose target audience is precisely the fashion lovers who pose on this street.

Image of Rebel Market

It is very common to see people with great bearing and pride parading, because Harajuku is a free and safe space to be yourself and this is one of the reasons why it is so loved and visited by both Japanese and foreigners themselves.

Harajuku Kawaii Styles

Now that we have an idea of ​​the great impact that Harajuku has on the world, let's visit some of the styles that have been the main inspiration for Creamy Pop and if cute and pastel colors are your thing, then you will love them.

My personality? I stole it from Fairy Kei 😳

The first aesthetic I met when I was just getting into this wonderful world, was ' Fairy kei' , a Japanese pastel fashion that is based on the 'Yume Kawaii' aesthetic, with a focus on children's toys and television shows. the 80s. My love for this fashion was such that it made me create Creamy Pop and all its personality. I had truly found something that encompassed all my love for these themes, not just for cakes but for the girls' toys that I love to collect so much nowadays.

You can appreciate the coordination of colors and prints in the outfits of @magicalgirlc and @aana.kawaii , including their Magical Parade (Sold Out) and Pretty Triceratops t-shirts respectively.

Pop Kei, Brillante and O chentero

Pop Kei is a style that is mainly based on graphic t-shirts as well as 80s pop print clothing. It is very similar to Fairy Kei but with the main difference that it uses bright colors instead of pastels. The look is usually unisex and can include pants, shorts, and leggings.

I share with you two clear exponents of Pop Kei: @xMyPastelUniverse and @DreamyTabby , both wearing the Pretty Triceratops t-shirt.

The Colorful 'Clowncore'

The main inspiration for this aesthetic is clowns , and Although this fashion can be a wide range of options such as the 'Dark Clown', disturbing and horror overtones, the subgenre that interests us is the 'Pastel Clown'. Surprisingly, the clown theme has had an increase in popularity to such an extent that it has become an aesthetic integrating itself into Harajuku. Bright colors, party patterns and birthday elements are its main features.

The 'Sad Clown' design has become one of our favourites, check out this cute outfit from @dazzzling_daisy .

No Fear of Success 💕

Many Harajuku aesthetics are derived from others, transforming and creating more and more subgenres mixing details of all the styles we already know. And that's the beauty of Japanese fashion. There are no limits or fear when creating coordinates and combinations, because that is the goal; represent your personality as you see fit, without rules.

And if you were hungry to learn more, the famous magazine Fruits! , the Fresh Fruits series of books, as well as Tokyo Fashion (to mention a few) have been in charge of documenting the various styles that have trodden Takeshita Street, which I advise you to take a look at to learn more about this wonderful culture.

tokyo fashion creamy pop
Photo by Tokyo Fashion

In our store you can find t-shirts and soon accessories with which you can create and combine outfits worthy of Harajuku. Always remember to support local shops .

Did you like this trip through Harajuku? I hope so!

What is your favorite aesthetic? Would you like us to share more? Tell us in the comments!

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