How it started... | Creamy Pop 7th Anniversary

How it started... | Creamy Pop 7th Anniversary

When I was a student, my love for retro and kawaii needed to come out in some way, I wanted to create something in which people could relate and in a safe space without feeling judged for yelling out their beautiful and childish tastes.

Toys, colors, glitter, nostalgia; the perfect ingredients to create my haven called Creamy Pop . This June we are 7 years old and we would like to make a nice account of what we have done throughout these years.

Creamy Pop old logo

On June 18, 2014 Creamy Pop was born as a space to express my love for kawaii illustration and my adoration of pastel colors, Japanese culture, and the feeling of nostalgia. As a child, my toys, though few, were my greatest adoration. I was always very creative and never had a hard time coming up with ways to have fun.

The great dramas that I did with my Barbies, wow, just remembering it made me laugh. The protagonist Barbie was always called Megan or Nicole and her boyfriend was the hefty Max Steel called Jack (as Titanic) who stole from my brother. My Barbie's house had no furniture but somehow I figured out how to make it look beautiful and functional, after all, it was all in the imagination.

Barbie By Pastel Cubes

I also remember how I loved the baby toys, their diaper bag, bottle, rattle and of course the car keys hanging. The desire to be big, grow, work and fulfill your dreams is funny, but once you are that adult you longed to be, you want to be that dreamy girl again whose only concern was to find new ways to entertain yourself, make up stories or hide in your secret lair made of sheets.

Childhood is the most precious thing we have, and the more we remember it, the more we connect with our inner child to achieve relief and a spark of joy. Although I know that having a healthy and cared for childhood is a privilege, I am very grateful for having had full freedom of development and from my own privilege I would like to continue exploring that side of me and ensure that more people can join my project and feel identified. The tender, the beautiful, the colorful and the nostalgic will always make you smile unconsciously. That's my goal.

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