The iconic Cynthia Illustration

The iconic Cynthia Illustration

Have you seen this illustration anywhere on the internet? Most likely, yes, because it was the first illustration that went viral thanks to two things: nostalgia and the comic thing about censorship.

Nowadays and thanks to the internet, nostalgia is a very popular topic and I even dare to say that it has once again passed its peak. In 2014, the feeling of memory barely resurfaced and thanks to the space I had created in Creamy Pop, I managed to bring back those memories that we all had deeply buried: Toys, cartoons and everything related to the 90s and our childhood.

Cynthia from the Rugrats was the first illustration I did as a fan art (Drawing based on something or someone of which you are a fan), and strangely for everyone it was very surprising to see her again and remember that scruffy doll of Angelica Pickles. Many pages shared it (without credit) and it went viral in an unimaginable way.

I can be almost sure that this art has reached all continents in the form of pencils, socks, T-shirts, shorts and a long etcetera. I got angry? Sure, but I couldn't do anything about it, because Cynthia doesn't belong to me. After being used in thousands of products around the world, many other artists plagiarized it and many others created their own Cynthia arts. It's funny how many people write to me even today sharing stores that sell products with the same Cynthia created by me. More than angry, I see it now as a contribution to pop culture and in a way supportive of pop-up stores, I guess.

I learned a very important lesson: Do not do what you would not like to be done. I learned that I did not want to be recognized for doing fan arts, I wanted to try to create original art, cute characters that would represent the essence of Creamy Pop. 7 years later, here I am, creating original art that has filled me with many satisfactions, which you like and that I'm sure you value more.

At least I feel like that, I am true to myself, and although I know that I would earn a lot $ with fan arts, I prefer to create valuable products, full of love and passion. Every minute invested in my creative process has been completely worth it. Thanks, of course, to your love and support.

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