Hello dreamers!

If you're here is because you're feeling curious about Creamy Pop and guess what? You are about to find out all the juicy gossip!

My name is Cindy Chaps, I'm 26 years old and live in Monterrey, Mexico. I studied graphic design at Facultad de Artes Visuales from UANL here in Monterrey. And I'm the only alien behind this brand.

I started Creamy Pop in 2013 as a space where I could express myself by illustrating kawaii and 90's cartoon characters from my childhood. At that time, the "nostalgic trend" hadn't started yet so I decided to create some fanarts of popular characters such as Cynthia from Rugrats, Cabbage Patch Kids, Pink Power Ranger, Polly Pocket, etc. Many people got to know me for this through tumblr and I was so happy for everyone's response, it was like everyone had those memories buried down their brains and it was kind of cool to bring them back!

Cynthia Illustration by me

My Cynthia illustration was so popular, that it was used everywhere in the world: From China to Chile! Turned into socks, t-shirts, pencil cases, backpacks, etc. It was obviously a let down to me because I felt like my artwork was being plagiarized, but Cynthia was not even my character, so whatever! That's the main reason I stopped doing fan art, in case you were wondering why I don't do 90's characters anymore. *sigh*

Today, I only create original illustrations so I can protect them from thieves! But still keeping that nostalgic spark that I started with. Creamy is all about 80's, 90's, pastel, kawaii, glitter and everything plastic and girly, everything that we loved so much as kids.

Never ever forget those small things that made us happy, that smell of Barbie's synthetic hair, those baby bottles with fake milk/juice inside, and the fake car keys you used to keep inside your plastic bag? Oh and the holo stickers from your bedroom's door? All those dramas you created with your Barbies, you name it.

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