Due to the pandemic we are currently experiencing, post office staff has been reduced considerably so orders are taking longer to be processed and shipped, especially through customs.

The shipping time is taking two to three weeks longer than usual , so please be patient.

We have been informed that shipments to Asia, Europe and Australia are only being shipped once a week. So your order may take up to three weeks to leave the country.

All packages arrive at their destination without exception.

Even with the pandemic we have not had any case of lost packages, therefore you must be sure that your order will be in your hands soon.

We are a fairly small business but rest assured that we will do our best to get your order arriving as soon as possible. However, the delivery time does not depend on us.

We are currently leaving the packages at the post office every Wednesday, we collect all the orders for the week and send them together, this to take care of our health and maintain the quarantine as much as possible.

Thank you for shopping at Creamy Pop, your support in these uncertain times means a lot to us. We are sure that you will love your purchase, everything is done with magic and love.