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Creamy Pop

Mystery T-Shirt

Regular price $ 350.00
Regular price $ 21.00 Sale price $ 350.00

*Due COVID pandemic, international shippings are taking from 5 to 10 weeks to arrive, please keep this in mind before ordering* We can't guarantee your order will arrive before christmas, keep this in mind before purchase.


Can't decide which tee to get? We do it for you! We will ship you a random t-shirt, just specify your size.

You might receive:

  • Sad Clown
  • Lunch at Creamy's
  • Pretty Triceratops
  • 90's baby
  • Dreamer (white or black, long or short sleeves)
  • SE busca
  • penny the gunslinger
  • all mine


Material: 100% cotton t-shirt / 100% cotton
Print: Handmade Screen Print / Manual Serigraphy